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About Us

The origin of our species

Founded in the last century, we've seen quite a few changes in the history of our small company. We've witnessed the arrival of networks, graphical operating systems, email, web browsing, search, social media, mobile technology and the internet of things. We've seen a lot and done almost as much.

And with age comes experience. Our mix of developers, analysts, project managers and consultants have developed solutions across a wide range of industries, platforms, technologies and methodologies. We guarantee to provide the latest technology, using the best methodology, backed by years of experience designing websites, applications and enterprise systems.

In order to keep up and stay relevant, we have to pick the right platforms and master them. For us, those platforms have been the Web, Microsoft Windows and the IBM iSeries. And now, with the introduction of the latest evolution in computing platforms, we have added the Microsoft Azure Cloud to the range of skills we can offer our customers.

We stay ahead of the game so that we can help our customers to do the same.


We've got skills. They're multiplying.

There are many technology platforms and programming languages available. While we like to be knowledgeable of many, we have chosen to master a few (though we're not adverse to talking about any project you wish to discuss).

Some of the skills we can bring to a party include:

Our Clients

Big and small, we cater to all.

Our clients are as diverse as the people working for us. Over the years our consultants have worked in finance, manufacturing, transport, education and government. Our clients range from large financial institutions to small enterprises to startups. We love the challenges our clients present and we do our utmost to deliver.

Some of the organisations we have worked for include:

Contact Us

Online. Offline. Anytime.

Drop an email to or call us in the office on +353 (404) 64832. We'd love to hear what challenges you have in store.